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来源:原创 日期:2019-04-26 浏览:1131 Baohe BOOHER 2019 Northeast International Hardware Show wonderful review Source: Original Date: 2019-04-26 Browse: 1131

4 24 日,伴着绵绵细雨,在沈阳国际展览中心盛大召开。 The year's plan lies in the spring. This day is destined to be an extraordinary day for the industrial city of Shenyang. The twenty-second Northeast China International Hardware Show attracted much attention. On April 24th , accompanied by a light rain, the Shenyang International Exhibition The center was grandly held.

BOOHER 宝合凭借 新能源 +” 人工智能管理系统 燃爆现场,更是向国内外客户充分展示品牌精神、精品和名品的好时机! Waiting one year and gathering once a year, BOOHER Baohe exploded the scene with " new energy +" and " artificial intelligence management system " , and it was a good time to fully show the brand spirit, quality and famous products to domestic and foreign customers!


With the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, the field of artificial intelligence has not only been greatly promoted and applied, but also will become an inevitable trend of future social development.

光敏感应技术的智能工具车及智能工具柜,结合互联网应用的智能管理软件,达到软硬件完美的结合。 The Baohe booth exhibited on this site was an intelligent tool cart and an intelligent tool cabinet using advanced light-sensitive application technology, combined with intelligent management software for Internet applications, to achieve a perfect combination of software and hardware. In particular, it simplifies the registration process of tool lending and return, effectively avoids the lack of inventory and management oversight, and unique functions such as tracing and locating lost tools, and it can also complete information sharing across organizations and departments.


RFID 系统(即射频识别软件)的高端智能钥匙管理柜,针对钥匙进行科学化的集中管理,拿取及归还须通过严格的身份授权,尽最大可能地解决了因钥匙管理不当引发的各种问题。 In addition, the most popular products at the Baohe booth are high-end smart key management cabinets that introduce advanced RFID systems (ie, radio frequency identification software). The keys are scientifically and centrally managed. Retrieval and return must be subject to strict identity authorization. As far as possible, to solve various problems caused by improper key management. This product has a huge application market in government departments, military institutions, finance, real estate and other fields.


Through the new intelligent tool combination system, it provides better controllable management for different places and different customers, helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and helps customers to achieve unmanned and intelligent tool management.


BOOHER 宝合推崇的“匠人精神”的,当属 EVA 个性化定制组套。 Among the many displayed products, in addition, the one that best reflects the “craftsmanship” that BOOHER Baohe respects is the EVA personalized custom set. EVA 采用环保型 XPE 材料,具有良好的力学性能、卓越的隔热隔音性能,无异味,广泛应用于汽车后市场、医疗保健、建筑装饰等日常百货行业。 Baohe EVA uses environmentally friendly XPE material, which has good mechanical properties, excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, and no odor. It is widely used in the daily aftermarket such as the automotive aftermarket, medical care, and building decoration. 得到了参展客户的极力推崇。 Baohe personalized custom sets have been able to combine and match various products according to customer needs in a short period of time, and created a variety of mobile tool solutions, from function combination to frequency of use to easy access, making each of the solutions One tool can better meet the needs and habits of customers, greatly enhance the combat capability and efficiency of individual soldiers, and has been highly praised by exhibiting customers.


At the scene, through cooperation with Liaonan Mechanical and Electrical, Mr. Xu Gui'an, a sales engineer in Beijing of Baohe Company, introduced each series of products on display online through a live webcast.


4 24 日在沈阳玛丽蒂姆酒店圆满落幕。 The 2019 Baohe Appreciation Dinner was successfully concluded on April 24th at the Maritim Hotel in Shenyang. The senior leaders of Baohe gathered with distributors and dealers, and explained the product strategies and market trends that Baohe needs to further deepen and promote.

The spring breeze blows, all things are sunny, carrying beauty and hope, Baohe will work with you to continue sprinting tomorrow and make great achievements!

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