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Absolutely C-bit! 来源:原创 日期:2019-04-11 浏览:1204 Baohe BOOHER 2019 Shanghai International Hardware Show stunning appearance Source: Original Date: 2019-04-11 Browse: 1204

BOOHER 工具凭借科技感爆棚的展位设计、品质卓越的“精制”工具和“人工智能管理系统”的互动体验,抢占绝对 C 位,令人印象深刻。 The 33rd Shanghai International Hardware Exhibition has been successfully concluded. Baohe BOOHER tools seized the absolute C position by virtue of the booth design of the technology - sounding booth, the interactive experience of “refined” tools and “artificial intelligence management system” with excellent quality . deep impression.


BOOHER 展台分为几大区域,分别陈列了传统手工具、绝缘工具、扭力工具,最引人瞩目的则是宝合的智能工具管理系统,这个领先的概念和打破传统禁锢的产品,为宝合 BOOHER 吸引了众多业内人士前来体验。 Baohe BOOHER's booth is divided into several areas, which respectively display traditional hand tools, insulation tools, torque tools, the most notable is Baohe's intelligent tool management system, a leading concept and a product that breaks the traditional ban. Baohe BOOHER attracted many insiders to come and experience. And each series of products demonstrates Baohe's "artisan spirit" of excellence-strict control of quality, rigid grasp of standards, unremitting efforts for design, and enthusiastic pursuit of innovation.

▲ Full range of hand tools, insulation and torque tools

▲ New series of power tools

智能 工具车及光敏工具柜 ▲ Photosensitive technology lifting screen smart tool cart and photosensitive tool cabinet

Photosensitive Technology Smart Tool Cabinet

RFID技术智能工具柜 RFID Technology Smart Tool Cabinet

▲ New folding screen smart tool cart

▲ Smart Workstation

▲ Smart key management cabinet

▲ Hexagonal work table

▲ Baohe Intelligent Unmanned Management Concept Warehouse

This year's Baohe booth invited professional hosts and Baohe staff to perform live broadcasts, and introduced each series of products on display in detail. 28 项德国 VDE GS 认证,并通过了极为严苛的德国 VPA GS 认证的绝缘工具,全系 VDE 工具以强势专业化的特色产品和产品组套方案更是吸引了众多参展观众的关注。 Among them, there are 28 German VDE GS certifications, and they have passed the extremely stringent German VPA GS certification of insulation tools. The entire range of VDE tools has attracted the attention of many exhibitors with its strong and specialized special products and product package solutions. .

In the live room, Baohe employees introduced torque wrench

Baohe hand tools are well received by customers

At the same time, in line with the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, the intelligent management system, which was first introduced at the Shanghai International Hardware Expo last year, debuted again with a more complete intelligent system, causing a lot of sensation in the exhibition hall.

With the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, the field of artificial intelligence has not only been greatly promoted and applied, but also will become an inevitable trend of future social development. RFID 系统(即射频识别软件)的高端智能工具柜,使我们的工具管理软件能够大幅提高工具管理的准确性与高效性,特别是在简化工具借出、归还的登记流程、有效避免了库存的缺失与管理疏忽,以及追寻与定位遗失的工具等独到功能,同时还能完成跨组织跨部门之间的信息共享。 To this end, Baohe has taken the opportunity to introduce high-end intelligent tool cabinets with advanced RFID systems (ie, radio frequency identification software), so that our tool management software can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of tool management, especially in simplifying tools. The lending and returning registration process, effectively avoiding the lack of inventory and management negligence, as well as unique functions such as tracking and locating lost tools, can also complete the sharing of information across organizations and departments. Through the new intelligent tool combination system, it provides better controllable management for different places and different customers, helps to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and helps customers to achieve unmanned and intelligent tool management.


RFID 感应的智能柜和小车,以及可以满足大中型企业的智能工具管理仓库,应用最先进的光敏感应技术和 RFID 感应技术,结合互联网应用的软件,达到软硬件完美的结合。 In addition, at this hardware exhibition, we can see Baohe's full range of smart products, including light-sensitive smart tool carts, smart tool cabinets, RFID- sensitive smart cabinets and trolleys, and smart tools that can meet large and medium-sized enterprises. Manage the warehouse, apply the most advanced light-sensitive technology and RFID sensing technology, and combine the software of Internet applications to achieve the perfect combination of software and hardware.


In the future, Baohe will continue to launch more new products to meet market demand, continue to innovate and improve. BOOHER 宝合已经不再仅仅是一家生产工具的公司,我们以匠心塑造品质,以品质成就宝合。 As a result, BOOHER Baohe is no longer just a company that produces tools. We create quality with ingenuity and achieve Baohe with quality. 宝合将开启全新升级之路,以智能为基础,让智能为工业工具插上腾飞的双翅,力争为客户提供智能工具更多的选择! BOOHER Baohe will start a new upgrade path, based on intelligence, let intelligence plug into the wings of industrial tools, and strive to provide customers with more choices of smart tools!


BOOHER 宝合举办了精致而隆重的晚宴款待老朋友们。 In addition to the wonderful exhibition, in order to repay the trust and support of our customers, BOOHER held a sophisticated and solemn dinner for old friends.


BOOHER 宝合总经理吴金虎先生致欢迎辞,并公布了公司本年度的产品计划及愿景。 At the dinner, Mr. Wu Jinhu , the general manager of BOOHER Baohe, delivered a welcome speech and announced the company's product plan and vision for this year. BOOHER 每一位成员和每一位伙伴 未来,是我们的未来 ,并首次明确了宝合 BOOHER 精制 工具为基础,以 新能源 +” 人工智能管理系统 为目标的品牌升级战略方向,全力全速引领行业迈向真正的工业 4.0 时代! Mr. Wu emotionally called on each member and partner of Baohe BOOHER to "the future is our future " , and for the first time made it clear that Baohe BOOHER is based on " refined " tools, based on " new energy +" and " manpower "Intelligent management system " as the goal of the brand upgrade strategic direction, full force and speed to lead the industry towards the true era of Industry 4.0 !

Come and share the wonderful moments together!

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