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5S 管理文化的今天,如何将其融入到现场管理和操作执行中去,成为了诸多企业的难题,尤其是规模庞大的国企,牵一发而动全身,想要推进一种全新的可持续发展机制需要面临的问题就更多更复杂。 Today, the country advocates the 5S management culture. How to integrate it into the on-site management and operation has become a problem for many companies, especially the large state-owned enterprises. The problems that need to be faced by a sustainable development mechanism are even more complex. 破冰 ,不仅在第一现场实现了有效执行,也无形中提升了员工的素养,打造标准化作业和 5S 样板车间,为推进精益管理奠定了现场基础。 However, Baohe Tools used a set of customized lockers to help high-speed rail customers easily ice break the situation , not only to effectively implement at the first site, but also to improve the quality of employees, creating standardized operations and 5S model workshops. It laid the groundwork for advancing lean management.

What magic is this set of lockers designed by Baohe Tools for customers?


5S First we need to understand what 5S is .

SEIRI )、 整顿( SEITON )、 清扫( SEISO )、 清洁( SETKETSU )、 素养( SHITSUKE ),因它们的第一个字母都为 S ,所以称之为“ 5S ”。 5S originated in Japan and is called SEIRI , SEITON , SEISO , SETKETSU , and SHITSUKE . Because their first letters are S , they are called " 5S ". .


5S 在管理中的重要地位日渐突出,它对于塑造企业的形象、降低成本、准时交货、安全生产、高度的标准化、创造令人心旷神怡的工作场所、现场改善等方面发挥了巨大作用,如今已经被各国的管理界高度认可。 When 5S was first introduced in China, many domestic enterprise managers regarded cleanliness and cleaning as a health issue, and they were two different things. They did not pay much attention. However, over time, the importance of 5S in management has become increasingly prominent. The company ’s image, reduced costs, on-time delivery, safe production, high standardization, creating a delightful workplace, and on-site improvement have played a huge role, and are now highly recognized by the management community in various countries.

5S 管理的第一步呢? So why did the high-speed rail customers choose the first step of 5S management through the customized lockers of Baohe Tools ? 8 小时候工作后,整个作业平台便混乱不堪,其中不仅有员工习惯的问题,更重要的是原先千篇一律的储物柜不能满足员工的使用习惯,摆放不方便,规整不合理。 When the manager went deep into the site, he found that the workshop tools were very disorderly, often just sorted out on the first day, and after 8 hours of work, the entire operating platform was chaotic. Among them, not only the problems of employee habits, but more importantly the same original The lockers can not meet the usage habits of employees, it is inconvenient to arrange and unreasonable. So they found Baohe Tools, hoping to redesign a set of storage solutions based on the customer's space characteristics and employee usage habits.

  5S 管理要求,同时充分考虑了员工的使用频次和拿取习惯,全程操作方便并可目视。 The new solution proposed by Baohe Tools strictly adheres to the 5S management requirements, while taking full account of the frequency of use and the habits of employees, the entire operation is convenient and visual. These custom-made lockers not only create a pleasant working environment, but also greatly improve the work efficiency of employees, and we no longer need to spend time finding tools.

5S 车间的决心。 It is such a simple change that renewed the work site and further strengthened its determination to continuously improve the execution of site management and operation standards and build a 5S workshop in a comprehensive manner. 5S 的实践中寻求突破。 We expect Baohe Tools to continue to design more good solutions to help customers find breakthroughs in 5S practice.



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